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The foundation has been working in India since 1952. Over the past 60 years we have made more than 3,500 grants in the region, totaling more than $508 million to nearly 1,250 diverse institutions. We are proud of our ongoing partnership with India's government, universities, charitable sector, and civil society, as well as the many South Asian regional organizations with which we work.

As we renew our program strategy for India, Nepal, and Sri Lanka, the foundation seeks to respond to key opportunities and challenges in a dynamic region—one with extraordinary economic growth, innovation, and democratic institutions, as well as great inequality. In India, as we have reset our operating status with government by registering as a branch office, we are exploring key entry points for responding to inequality and building on innovations driven by the communities, governments, nongovernmental organizations, and universities of South Asia.

This next generation of the foundation’s strategy will be in keeping with our long-standing commitment to advancing justice and fairness for all the region’s people. We have always believed that the best way to fulfill our mission is to support the efforts of the people who live and work closest to specific problems. That principle remains at the core of our work in India, Nepal, and Sri Lanka and around the world.

Notice: An entity calling itself “Ford Foundation Guwahati” is in no way affiliated with the Ford Foundation or its regional office in India.

Our history

In 1952, at the invitation of India’s government, the foundation established an office in India—our first outside the United States. We have maintained a steady presence in the region for over 60 years, working with partners ranging from government to academia to civil society. Our branch office in New Delhi supports a number of strategic regional interventions, including efforts in Nepal and Sri Lanka.

For our first 20 years in India, the foundation worked closely with the country’s newly independent government, providing both financial and technical support to help frame and implement India’s development agenda and to build key institutions in education, governance, and research, such as the Indian Institutes of Technology. As India’s institutions developed, the foundation expanded its reach to encompass a wider range of partners, among them communities and leaders working to find solutions to persistent poverty and injustice.

Over the past six decades, our focus in India and elsewhere in South Asia has evolved to respond to changing needs and opportunities. We are proud of our association with institutions and movements for economic opportunity and the empowerment of women and girls, with early and long-term engagement in issues as varied as microfinance, urban planning, the Green Revolution in agriculture, Dalit rights, Indian philanthropy, peace and regional security, arts and culture, educational opportunity, scientific research, and civic engagement.

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