"Inequality is the fact that Africa has one of the lowest enrollment rates in tertiary education in the world."

"Inequality is not having access to basic public services."

"Inequality is a human developed condition, which means that we can undo it"

"To undo inequality, we have to tell more people's stories"

"Inequality separates people from the resources and opportunities they need to achieve their full potential"

"Inequality is an institutional assault on human dignity"

"Inequality results from development that is not sustainable" 

"Inequality is not having a place in the creation of public policy"

"Inequality is when a small number of people determine the future of great social questions."

“Inequality is exclusion. Exclusion is disabling, not the disability itself.”

"Inequality is the greatest suffering immigrants face."

"Inequality is a structural force that makes some voices powerful and other voices silent."

"Inequality is when a community is targeted based on their race, religion, or origin."

"Social entrepreneurs play a key role in dealing with inequality."

“Inequality is an unjust system.”

"The greatest inequality is that between a man and a woman."

"Inequality is when multinational corporations pay less taxes—or no tax at all.”

“Extending equality of opportunity means uncaging human potential.”

"At it’s core, inequality is not being seen."

“You end inequality by acknowledging your privileges.”

"Inequality of access to a working health system has repercussions that are desperately sad and difficult."

“We have opportunities within cities, under enlightened leadership, to address inequality head-on.”

“Inequality is growing up in a world where you don't see yourself reflected.”

"Inequality is the imbalance between the cost of living and the wages people can earn."

“At its core, climate change is about inequality.”

"Women face incredible hurdles in this journey to equality."

"If you want to have an inclusive society, schools need to be inclusive."

"Why are we on this planet? Are we here just to make money?"

"There is no such thing as a competition of tears."

"Stigma and discrimination are a form of inequality."

"Inequality is a two-way street. My equality is tied to your equality." 

"If we’re really going to come out of poverty in Africa...we need to create jobs more than anything else."

"When three and half million people are excluded from access to their legal systems, that’s inequality."

"When you tolerate racial inequalities for generations, they become part of the culture."

"I see the experience of caregivers in this country as emblematic of inequality today."

"I think the role of an artist in society is to highlight the things we'd rather ignore."

"Business cannot thrive on a planet where there is gross inequality."

"Inequality is an imbalance in the human system."

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