Ford Foundation is helping develop a path for people to use their technology skills for the public good. Learn more about Public Interest Tech.

The Ford Foundation’s tech fellows work at the intersection of social justice and technology. Each of them is embedded within one of our program areas, lending their expertise on a particular set of issues along with their ability to understand and solve problems through a tech lens. Over the next two weeks, we'll introduce you to our current group of fellowswe’ll hear about their backgrounds and paths to this unique role and about what most excites and concerns them about technology in our world today. Learn more about the tech fellows program here.


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A technologist approaches technology with a healthy dose of skepticism
By Wilneida Negrón

Technology is not neutral—it’s political
By Ritse Erumi

People are the architects of technological shifts, not machines
By Michelle Shevin

There is no technology for justice. There is only justice.
By Morgan Hargrave

All humans are technologists
By Ryan Gerety

Digital and technological literacy is crucial to social justice work
By Salome Asega