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Independent Videos

Ford Foundation produces videos about a wide range of critical topics to share knowledge, research, and strategies that advance justice. 

  • 3:50

    America’s Cultural Treasures is an initiative to acknowledge and honor the diversity of artistic expression and excellence in the United States and provide critical funding to organizations that have made a significant impact on the cultural landscape, despite historic underinvestment.

  • 13:52

    What happens when a technologist joins forces with an organization like the ACLU of Massachusetts? The single largest dismissal of wrongful convictions in U.S. history. An innovative partnership between the nonprofit and public technologist Paola Villarreal enabled lawyers to build a story based on data and expose injustice.

  • 4:36

    The South is the fastest-growing region in the United States, and has long been an incubator for social change. Today, southerners from every walk of life are joining forces to usher in a Third Reconstruction, showing America what’s possible when it confronts its history, reconciles with its differences, and reimagines a more perfect, more just union together.

  • 4:24

    We believe that all workers are essential, regardless of a pandemic. Together with our grantees, workers, and activists, we are working toward an economy that works for everyone.

  • 3:53

    In 2020, serious challenges faced the census. The underfunded Census Bureau implemented the first US Census conducted online, creating the potential for hacking and system crashes, and online disinformation campaigns. A strong coalition of foundations and advocates are leveraged resources and relationships, working in partnership to assure a fair and accurate count.