November 15: What we're following this week

The new interactive online platform Land of Opportunity challenges us to rethink urban equity and post-crisis recovery.

In New York City, the first-ever “open” mayoral transition aims to sustain civic engagement after Election Day.

OpenGlobalRights, a provocative series of discussions about the future of global human rights promises to cover the good, the bad and the ugly—and everything in between.

A report from the National Day Laborer Organizing Network shows that the day laborer workforce is essential to disaster recovery, and why these workers need effective training and support.

Meet five black women documentary filmmakers who are thriving when it comes to output and achievement—but still fighting to draw attention to their work.

From NDD United, an organization working to protect public services in the face of budget cuts, a comprehensive snapshot of austerity’s impact across sectors.

Sue Mosey of Midtown Detroit is sparking a revival in one of the city’s depressed neighborhoods.

Wisdom from 98-year-old activist Grace Lee Boggs, the subject of a new documentary: “You don’t get to choose the times in which you live, but you do get to choose who you ought to be and how you ought to think.”

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