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Mission Investments

Overcoming many of the world’s most pressing social and environmental problems—including economic inequality and climate change—will require harnessing the power of investment capital. That means mobilizing the full spectrum of capital—from institutional investors, such as foundations, pension funds, and sovereign wealth funds, to banks, retail investors, and others. It also means considering diversity, equity, and inclusion as a key part of those efforts.

Investors are beginning to consider the full range of risks and returns, and how to create long-term value that benefits business as well as workers and society. We are committed to leveraging capital markets to create lasting change through social impact. We believe this approach will not only generate financial returns but—over time—lead to better investing overall.

Through strategic grant making to generate “market infrastructure,” broader coalition building, and our own financial investing, we aim to grow and strengthen the practice of impact investing. Working with an expanding array of partners worldwide, we seek to catalyze new sources of capital and, ultimately, transform the broader capital markets.

Please submit inquiries for PRIs and MRIs to [email protected] If we are interested in learning more, you will hear from us within 45 days.

To learn more about our mission-related investment work, download the Transformative Capital booklet (PDF)