Questions we ask

Sample strategy review questions

  • How sound was our diagnosis, or theory of change? What evidence supports it?
  • Did we underestimate the obstacles?
  • What evidence suggests a need for revision?
  • Did the strategy fit the diagnosis, or theory of change?
  • What evidence suggests that this was, in fact, an impactful way to address the issue?
  • What might we have been missed?
  • What did we help to achieve?
  • What steps did we take to adapt along the way?
  • Given the scale of the change we aim to realize, did we devote an appropriate amount resources?
  • What was the balance of short-term wins, and long-term change? Was this a successful balance, or would we adjust it?
  • Did we have the appropriate geographic focus?
  • How well were grantees aligned to strategy outcomes? Did we have the best combination of grantees to implement the strategy?
  • How did we use empirical evidence and new knowledge to inform our assumptions about how social change happens?
  • Did we refine our theory of change in response to obstacles we encountered and had not factored in before?