At a city and state level, we seek to advance policies and practices to disrupt entrenched inequality. We work with government and civil society partners across Michigan to ensure strong, inclusive leadership for the city as it moves forward. And we foster collaboration between all those who are committed to realizing a thriving city.

In the near term, over the next four years, we aim to advance policies that help Detroit realize its potential as a resilient, just, and equitable city. At the same time, we are working to build local infrastructure and engagement to support, implement, and sustain those policies over the long term—and to steer continuing efforts to revive Detroit in ways that benefit all its residents.

As the leaders of their city’s revitalization, the people of Detroit are at the center of all this work.

Anticipated Outcomes

Equitable housing and land use

The availability of quality, affordable housing makes it possible for people to stay in their communities and contribute to Detroit’s recovery and development.

Powerful, coordinated civil society

Local organizations and community leaders have influence in setting policies and priorities in Detroit and statewide. Inclusive civic spaces offer opportunities for shared learning, collaboration, and creative engagement—and a new narrative about Detroit takes shape.

Opportunities to advance equity

Strong alliances between government, business, and funders—and direct engagement with grassroots organizations and community residents—help support an inclusive recovery, in areas including equitable housing and opportunities for youth.